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Regents' Professor
John W. Olsen

School of Anthropology
The University of Arizona
PO Box 210030
Tucson, Arizona 85721-0030
Phone: (520) 621-4321
Fax: (520) 621-2088
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Je Tsongkhapa Endowment

The School of Anthropology at the University of Arizona and the University of Arizona Foundation comprise the administrative home of the Je Tsongkhapa Endowment for Central and Inner Asian Archaeology.

Founded in 2004, the Endowment honors the 14th-century Tibetan Buddhist scholar, teacher, and reformer whose ordained name, Lobzang Dragpa, is less well-known than his honorific titles, Je Tsongkhapa or simply Je Rinpoche.

Purpose: At present, the Je Tsongkhapa Endowment exclusively supports the University of Arizona’s collaborative archaeological research activities in the region, including the Joint Mongolian-Russian-American Archaeological Expeditions and other ongoing multinational archaeological projects in Qinghai, Tibet, Xinjiang, and Siberia. In time, the Endowment will support an increasingly broad geographical and interdisciplinary range of archaeological research activities.

As the Endowment grows, it will generate a University of Arizona Je Tsongkhapa Fellowship program to support post-baccalaureate (including post-doctoral) students and scholars in the social and behavioral sciences who study the peoples and cultures of Central and Inner Asia.

Contact the Endowment's director, John W. Olsen, for more information.

Central and Inner Asia includes, but is not limited to, ethnic Mongolia (Mongol Uls and traditionally Mongolian regions of the People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation); ethnic Tibet (traditionally Tibetan regions of the People’s Republic of China, India, Kashmir, Ladakh, Nepal, Bhutan, and Sikkim); ethnically Turkic regions of the People’s Republic of China; Siberia and the Russian Far East; Türkmenistan; Uzbekistan; Tajikistan; Kyrgyzstan; Kazakhstan; Afghanistan; and the greater Himalayan region. 

Университета Аризоны Благотворительный Фонд
археологических исследований
Центральной и Внутренней Азии
имени Джэ Цонгхапа